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Intimately bound up with one-off or lifetime accomplishments, Zenith has been a part of the grand human adventures. It has played this role by accompanying historical figures who have made an indelible imprint on collective memory, or by inspiring everyday heroes who fulfill their destiny or conduct their projects outside the public eye. All of them follow the same star, one that leads to a place of freedom where anything becomes possible.

  • Georges Favre-Jacot


    In 1865, Georges Favre-Jacot constructed spacious, bright buildings where he brought together all the watchmaking professions, creating the manufacture concept.

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    Having safeguarded the El Primero production equipment, Charles Vermot enabled Zenith to begin producing its legendary chronograph again in 1984.

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  • Felix Baumgartner


    The El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th chronograph breaks the sound barrier on the edge of space, solidly fastened to Felix Baumgartner's wrist.

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  • El Primero

    Beat at a high frequency

    1969. Man walks on the moon; the Arpanet project – the ancestor of the Internet – is launched; Concorde takes off and defies the sound barrier; while hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Woodstock festival.

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  • Louis Blériot

    Cross the channel by air

    On July 25, 1909, Louis Blériot achieved a feat crossing the Channel aboard the Blériot XI, wearing his trusty Zenith watch.

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  • Gandhi


    Indira Nehru gave a Zenith watch to his friend Mahatma Gandhi. This silver pocket watch became Gandhi’s constant companion and followed him on his travels.

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  • Yves

    Develop innovative mechanisms

    A keen devotee of mechanical watchmaking since his childhood, Yves is Head of Movement Development at Zenith

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  • Alexandra

    Mastering such infinite complexity

    It all began with a watchmaker who entrusted her almost 10 years ago with the repair of a minute repeater.

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  • Jean-Louis et Michel

    Make high precision tools

    In the mechanical workshop of the Manufacture, we are in the den of Jean-Louis and Michel, who have 84 years of experience between them.

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