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Alexandra, Haute Horlogerie Watchmaker

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Alexandra, haute horlogerie watchmaker

Alexandra, haute horlogerie watchmaker

It all began with a watchmaker who entrusted her almost 10 years ago with the repair of a minute repeater. While Alexandra was already an experienced watchmaker, that was the first time she had intervened on this major horological complication that is probably one of the trickiest to master. She soon managed to “tame” the mechanism and the watch began running again. Alexandra has since become a virtuoso exponent of this speciality within the haute horlogerie workshop of the Manufacture Zenith, because she has always been fascinated by watches with a striking mechanism . She is drawn to their technical complexity, to the purity of their sound, but also and above all because minute repeaters are truly living creations.

She has always been
fascinated by watches
with a striking mechanism

In her world, nothing could be more moving than hearing “her” model chime for the very first time, discovering its music, its intensity, and feeling her soul pulsating in harmony with it. She then revels in resuming the lengthy fine-tuning process, patiently adjusting the various springs so that each hammer strikes the gong in such a way as to achieve absolute purity. Such infinite variations in turn call for the adjustment of the other systematically interdependent parts, as one gesture leads to another.

Calibe El Primero 4043

Caliber El Primero 4043

Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Boutique Edition

Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Boutique Edition

Academy Minute Repeater

Academy Minute Repeater

Each piece has a life of its own.Each minute repeater watch is unique, has a life of its own and plays its own tune.
And it is precisely this constant challenge that makes Alexandra’s work so richly varied.

The striking mechanism alone requires several hundred tiny components, all patiently built, refined and adjusted to ensure a perfect fit with the others – with everything naturally being done by hand. The hand-crafted operations required to make them interact to perfection are so precise and rigorously controlled that they make each part unique – to the point where elements that are theoretically identical can often not be swapped between calibers.

Passing on her knowledge
and working with other professions
within the Manufacture
to constantly improve
the excellence of the movements

At this level of excellence, watchmakers capable of mastering such infinite complexity even push their art to the point of being able to recognise “their” model, since its parts bear the “signature” of the artisan who crafted them.

The scope of Alexandra’s talent is not confined to minute repeaters, since she also assembles such complex calibres as the Academy Christophe Colomb and takes part in elaborating other Fine Watchmaking complications as the Captain Winsor Annual Calendar.

She also loves passing on her knowledge by training watchmakers, and works in close cooperation with other professions within the Manufacture in order to constantly improve the excellence of the movements – because her quest for perfection is on a par with their virtuoso skill: infinite.

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