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Each Zenith watch is equipped with a mechanical movement, designed and manufactured to the highest standards of excellence and quality. To preserve these attributes, we recommend regular maintenance of your timepiece. To take advantage of this, simply drop off your watch at one of our stores or at an official retailer. You can also send it to the Zenith service center of your choice. Be sure to protect your watch and accompany it, if possible, with the original warranty card or any valid proof of purchase. Please ensure that any shipments are secure.

Operations undertaken Partial service
Full service
Initial check and diagnosis X X
Removing the movement from the case X X
Partial intervention on the movement (without completely removing the latter) X
Complete revision of the movement

Checking the movement and movement functions X X
Undertaking additional operations X X
Replacement of all seals (including crown seal (with the exception of quartz) and push-piece seals if available and necessary) X X
Polishing of the case and metal bracelet according to the materials (for out of warranty watches only)

Cleaning of the case and bracelet (metal) X X
Replacing the movement in the case X X
Final aesthetic and operational inspection X X
Maintenance frequency recommendation 2 years 5 years
*Intervention warranty 1 year 1 year
*only valid when the operations have been performed by an officially approved service centre.

Tips for use

We recommend that you observe the following precautions:

Before any contact with water, check that the crown is pushed back against the case.
Do not use the push-buttons or the crown when the watch is immersed.

      1 ATM (1 BAR/10 m)
   Resistant to rain and perspiration

      3 ATM (3 BAR/30 m)
   Resistant to short immersion (hand washing)

      5 ATM (5 BAR/50 m)
   Swimming resistant

      10 ATM (10 BAR/100 m)
   Resistant to all water sports


   Corrections to the time must
   always be made clockwise.

    Avoid wearing your watch when playing "violent" sports

    Keep the watch away from all types of magnetic field

    Do not expose the watch to sources of heat

    An inspection, and if necessary a revision, must be
    performed in an Approved Service Centre every five years.

    Clean regularly with a soft cloth.

    Always rinse the watch with fresh water after going in the sea.

Better suited to contact with water.
Traditional care with a soft cloth.
Longevity varies according to the conditions of use.
As this is a natural material, we recommend avoiding regular immersion in water.