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International Warranty

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Garantie internationale

Zenith watches are high-precision, high-tech products.
Before leaving the workshops of the Manufacture, your watch has undergone several days of stringent quality and performance tests.
An international guarantee nonetheless covers and potential manufacturing flaws for a period of two years as of the date of purchase, apart from the special Complimentary 50-Year Warranty complete with Services.
You may also obtain an additional one-year guarantee by registering your watch through the “My Account”.
The Zenith international guarantee does not cover signs of normal effects of use for a watch that has been worn, in particular the natural wearing out of leather, fabric or rubber straps, as well as potential scratches on the case or the sapphire crystals.

The international guarantee is valid in all officially authorised Zenith service centres worldwide, provided:

  • • Your watch was purchased from an official Zenith dealer
  • • The guarantee certificate, the only valid proof of purchase, is sent along with your watch to an authorised Zenith service centre
  • • The name and address of the official dealer, as well as the date of purchase and the watch reference all appear clearly on the guarantee certificate
  • • Your watch has not been subjected to any improper handling and has been worn in accordance with Zenith’s recommendations on normal use and maintenance